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Marc Bolan

It is now 2004 & the influence of Marc Bolan & his music is still there in society, and in the presence of Abomination Angel.
A huge collection of CDs, vinyl, tapes, videos, rare recordings, memorabilia & more have formed a testament to the importance of Bolan's impact on one identity seeking youth.

The Slider

          In 1971 the door opened...   


...Glam Entered First

Suzi Quatro      
  Sure, there was dross around, as with any musical movement or era, but it was a world of new exploration, where groups such as Slade, Suzie Quatro, the Sweet & Alice Cooper all made their small but significant mark on the mind of the young Abomination Angel.
It's true that few of the songs had any real meaning or relevance to modern life, but nobody seemed to care when there was an excitement and personality to balance any lack of depth to a song. Alice Cooper
    ...And then it ceased.  
1974 saw the end of Glam Rock as we knew it, & whilst there remained some small output from the names that had once stood so proud, the scene had now mostly turned to mush.
E.L. & Fucking P. "Progressive" Rot had set in. Groups like Pink Floyd, Yes & ELP set off on their 20 minute recitals, the Who & the Stones put down their gold plated Zimmer frames to continue churning out the commercial goods & the charts became clogged with Middle of the road "isn't life nice" pap.
    Abomination Angel Waited...

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