What happened? Everything and Nothing, apparently.

Dates were set and cancelled. Organisation begun and halted.

Chaos has ensued over the past month. And this time it's not in a venue... and that's the trouble.

Europe has turned it's back on Abomination Angel and only four gigs held and these had to be arranged quickly and in secret. Needless to say attendance was low although Abomination Angel used them to their full advantage. The group was tight, the songs aggressive and the stage set, whilst small, was improved.

What next?

The group are taking a short break from the hassles and grievances they have built up. abomination Angel himself has taken off to the Far East again to write. No one really knows exactly what the situation is or how it will develop.

But what's new?

Ryan Staller



Following on from the tour of Asia and South America which took in 47 dates at the end of the year, Abomination Angel has begun to run into trouble again with a string of European dates. So far this year, almost all the concerts planned have been cancelled due to protests and bans called in Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. UK organisers won't touch the group. Only Spain has had the bollocks to say 'Go Ahead' and that gig resulted in protests outside the venue and a 'cut short' set. Needless to say the resultant violence in the hall (which was contained by the above average police presence) did not help future bookings.

More dates are being worked on. Details will be available as soon as possible.




Welcome to the new year.


I was in a record store just before Xmas. A young guy, aged about 17 came up to me, possibly because of the way I was dressed.

'Hi,' he said. 'we've got a gig tomorrow. We're a Sex pistols tribute band and we're playing at (somewhere). Tickets are £5. Are you interested?'

'You mean you're dressed as the Pistols and you play the Pistols songs?' I asked.


'What about your own stuff?' I said.

'No. We just play the Pistols stuff.'


Is this what 2008 is really all about?

Is the world such a happy-go-lucky place that we've nothing to say other than rehash all the old complaints of the past?

In the late 70's this was new and real. This had shock value that made the UK and the world stand up and take note. It meant something then.

The world has moved on. Where are the kids of today standing up for what they (don't) want?

Is there nothing new to sing about?


The world is still being run by Bush and his cronies. The alternatives are still dire. Poverty rages on. Terrorists and religious fanatics hold the world to ransom. A third of the world is starving. Aids forgotten in the west and pushed under the carpet in the rest of the world. Kids are being abused and exploited for the porn trade. We are killing ourselves with greenhouse gases and the biggest country in the world puts financial gain before our future. Animals and plants that could hold the key to cures for disease are becoming extinct at an alarming rate. Millions of lives are ruled by governments based on superstition. In the last five years hundreds of men have died in a stupid war that has achieved nothing. Arms are still being sold to countries where most of the population has insufficient clean water to drink...


Do I need to go on? These are just 'off the top of my head.'


2008 is the same as 2007. There are still too many things to say. Too much to change. Too much injustice to sit around reminiscing about 'the good old days of punk.'




Welcome to 2008.




Abomination Angel concerts on 5th (Brasilia) and 7th November (Santos) have both been cancelled. Both of the town authorities cite the problems they are having with providing adequate security arrangements and their concern for the public should the events take place.




Now add Mendoza to the list of towns that have banned Abomination Angel from playing. The gig set for 18th October has been stopped by the local government council on legal advice.



Buenos Aries and San Juan have both cancelled the Abomination Angel concerts scheduled for 14th and 17th October respectively.




'Rosario residents have made it clear that they do not wish to see Abomination Angel in their town again. A night which saw 6 people hurt and police clearing the streets was put firmly on the shoulders of the group, who appeared to revel in the aftermath of the evening's events.' - Rosario News.




Following the outbursts of violence at various events in Laos at which Abomination Angel were playing, Singapore authorities have decided to cancel the event scheduled for 7th September.  




Forthcoming Tour Dates Announced for Asia and

 South America


11/08 Kobe - Japan 24.09 Palu - Indonesia
12.08 Niigata - Japan 25.09 Dili - Indonesia
14.08 Akita - Japan 07.10 Artigas - Uraguay
15.08 Tsushima - Japan 09.10 Melo - Uraguay
17.08 Kwangju - S Korea 11.10 Minas - Uraguay
18.08 Mokpio - S Korea 12.10 Rosario - Argentina
19.08 Suwon - S Korea 14.10 Buenos Aries - Argentina
22.08 Taegu - S Korea 15.10 Esquel - Argentina
24.08 Andong - S Korea 17.10 San Juan - Argentia
25.08 P'ohang - S Korea 18.10 Mendoza - Argentina
28.08 Muang Khammouan - Laos 21.10 Sucre - Bolivia
29.08 Savannakhet - Laos 23.10 Tarija - Bolivia
31.08 Pakhe - Laos 26.10 Machala - Ecuador
02.09 Louangplrubang - Laos 28.10 Manta - Ecuador
03.09 Ban Nape - Laos 29.10 Icana - Brazil
05.09 Vientiane - Laos 31.10 Belem - Brazil
07.09 Singapore 01.11 Natal - Brazil
09.09 George Town - Malaysia 05.11 Brasilia - Brazil
10.09 Kuala Terengganu - Malaysia 07.11 Santos - Brazil
12.09 Kuantan - Maylasia 11.11 Maracaibo - Venezuela
15.09 Medan - Indonesia 13.11 Puerto Ayachucho - Venezuela
17.09 Kampar - Indonesia 14.11 Tucupita - Venezuela
18.09 Padang - Indonesia 17.11 Paramaribo - Suriname
19.09 Sematang - Indonesia 20.11 Georgetown - Guyana
22.09 Sumba - Indonesia 21.00 Good Hope - Guyana






So what's on the album? Nineteen tracks -over an hour of decent music to riot to! We asked Abomination Angel to give us a one line, track by track run down...


Q: First off, Underground. 7/7 I guess.

A: Obviously. It's been around on the web site for a few months so not new, but a superb starting point to the album as it's been so well received wherever we've played. Sums up the stupidity and violence of religion.

Q: Sheep. Christianity?

A: Yes, but the same concept applies to any religion - hear the word and follow unquestioning. I've seen a lot of people changed into sheep and wasting their lives over the time I've been on earth. It's really sad to see young kids throwing everything away and realising what they've done years later. Sort of biographical in a way.

Q: I can't get my head around Mary Mary at all. Are we talking abut the Virgin Mary here?

A: No. You're right - it is a strange track, but basically it's about madness and suicide. I think there's fine line between happiness and madness and it's been something I've been through a lot over the last few years. You need to be aware and just not take the final steps... you know.

Q: Execution...

A: About a guy's 15 'minutes of fame' before being written into the history books.

Q: Here's the one that caused such a fuss. Emily's Tears.

A: Jesus, Right! I don't know... It's a little ditty about a 15-year-old pregnant girl who thinks she's Mary and screws herself with a crucifix to get rid of her unborn kid and get herself pregnant by god instead. Ends up killing herself. Jolly little song. Bugger knows what people saw to object to! 

Q: Guardian Demon's an early track isn't it?

A: Yes, I've done about three different takes of this over the years. It's simple and I've kept the track very simple on the album. I like the idea of having a guardian Demon rather than an angel. it's that simple!

Q: Now, Rape of Madonna is another strange one but the fans seem to love.

A: Yeah. It's a good song that's enjoyable to play too. It began as 'playing with words' that developed into a whole feeling which now really works as a whole. I recorded it three times before getting the basic riffs right so it took far longer than most of the tracks. It's dark.

Q: Emma Remembers is another really sad track, it seems to me, and has a lot more of what you might call melody to it.

A: Again it's been on the site before now. and like Mary Mary, madness is it's theme, but it's a lot sadder. a girl losing her man and her child but not accepting it. I really like this one and can listen over and over again.

Q: Is Breath just a love song?

A: Just? Just? Nothing I do is 'Just!' Yeah it's a love song but again, it took time to develop and I'm pleased with it - it's different but with my own style.

Q: Saturday Night Invite. Who is it you're aiming at?

A: It's not really aimed at anyone - it's a scenario - a fact of every Saturday Night across the world. Girl goes out, flashes herself around, gets too drunk to look after herself. Bloke goes out takes advantage of her and, in this case rapes her. It happens. I'm not making any moral judgement on anyone, just saying it happens.

Q: Suicide Visionary?

A: Jesus again. It's weird. I saw a poster outside a church that read, 'Jesus Christ said he was the Son of God. He was either a Liar, Mad or he was the Son of God.'  I thought, substitute Jim Jones for Jesus and what answer do you get? Oh, of course he was mad... So? Jesus wasn't? No sense at all! Suicide visionary, that's all.

Q: Another that's been, or actually is still, on the web is Law of God.

A: All from the Bible - every word. Simple.

Q: I like Tawse...

A: I like the fantasy element in sex, which is what it's about. Whether or not you like the idea of sexual violence & whether that's sadism or masochism - I believe everyone fantasises about being used - men as well as women. And, No - I'm not talking about rape which is a totally different matter.

Q: Next, another controversial one - Fatwa 911.

A: It covers a lot in terms of the evils of religious sentiment , this. Religion on both sides of the Atlantic. Hypocrisy, hate, lies, war... it's there and unfortunately it's forced on us.

Q: Ok, Godshit - from the horses mouth, which way round is it? 'Your god is shit' or 'You are god's shit?'

A: It's both - if I wanted to make a distinction I'd have done it in the title.

Q: Fair enough. A lot of people like the next track, Natasha.

A: Yeah, I do too - It's different - something I've not heard about much in music or really dealt with properly. It's looking at porn, especially on the net, in a slightly different way - they're not all highly paid stars who do it for the money and an 'easy life.'

Q: Then Bitch.

A: This basically covers repression, especially sexual repression in the Church and the effect it has on most kids.

Q: Bulldog... Well known and loved?

A: Oh yeah, Love it. I just sat down for 60 seconds and wrote what I really hated about my country and came up with this. Fans love it - I love it! 

Q: Lastly, Riot! Is it really incitement?

A: It's taking the view that you can sit an tut-tut about everything that makes you sick or appalled in life or you can do something about it. Whether or not you take it to a riot is up to your own conscience. Remember, and it harm none, do as thou will - not just do as thou will. You can riot in many ways.

Q: Thanks.


'May Queene'




After a wait of nearly 3 years, Abomination Angel's Album, "Religious Intolerance" is out now!


Already described by the press as "...Brash, Proud and [an album that] Says something..." [Destiny] and "...a bloody awful racket..." [Musel], "Religious Intolerance" is turning out to be a hatchet - dividing the press (and some fans) into "love it or hate it" factions. 

In the first real interview since it's release, Abomination Angel had this to say to Haze magazine:

It's a history really of the last two or three years. the fact it's taken so long has it's good and bad points. People expected it to be polished to the point of perfection - it isn't and that hasn't gone down too well with some. I've already said that I was looking for a 'rough sound.' It's not designed to be pretty - the charts are too full of pretty stuff that'll be played in supermarkets in the next year or so. The subjects are rough and the delivery is harsh - why turn it into a beautifully produced concept album? I've kept the fuzz on it because that's what happened in the studio and I wanted to keep it, not produce it out. Stuff like that.
I've said what I want to on matters that mean a lot - yes, especially religion and there's been a load of hassle over that. That's the reason it's taken so long but in the end I got pretty much what I wanted. Stick it out and you'll get there - I'm not going to go along with those bastards in the industry who want a second rate album that'll sell but hasn't got any substance. Anyone can churn those out and unfortunately they do. I've got the music out that I want in the way I want it with no compromise. Only one picture's been taken off the album cover but that's still on a limited edition and doesn't really affect what I wanted to say so  it's not a big deal. 




Good news - With the release of "Religious Intolerance" on 20th June, Abomination Angel have released a series of tour dates to promote the album.

Bad news - Within 36 hours, almost 50% of the dates have been put 'on hold' due to injunctions.

Abomination Angel and Topeth have made no comment on the situation but, as usual, lawyers are already earning more money on both sides...



Despite many denials concerning the 'censoring' of Abomination Angel on the forthcoming 'Religious Intolerance' album, rumours are still rife. FaraoeX, one of the biggest culprits, were given a brief but informative interview by Abomination Angel and was reported as saying, 'Censorship - No. Compromise - Yes. The problem was all to do with one picture of a girl fucking a crucifix which I had planned for the inside cover. This obviously links into the track Emily's Tears  but the lawyers said that this made it an over 21 Album - so naturally it couldn't be sold in shops to anyone under 21, which amounts to a a hell of an audience I'd lose. Some would say, 'Hey, is that commercialism or what?' I say, look, I'm trying to get across to the kids - a huge part of my audience at any gig is between 16 and 20. If I'm writing and trying to get my words across to these kids, why prevent them from getting hold of the album and listening to it. It's the music that's really important. However!! There are going to be a limited number of copies done with the 'banned' picture inside - probably a thousand or so, and yes, they will be age restricted, but the music and the stuff on the album itself will be exactly the same as the original, so, yeah, it's a compromise, but one I'm fairly happy with... What's important is that people listen and stand up. There are more non-muslims than muslims in the world. There are more non-christians than christians in America. Yet America is ruled as a Christian State - look at the effort Bush went to to get the bill passed to keep a brain dead woman alive simply because of his faith. Fanatics in the muslim faith are holding the world to ransom. If the rest of us stood up and said, 'No More - we're taking over, a hell of a lot of the war we see today would be gone overnight...' 



Abomination Angel turned on a reporter today who accused him of 'Selling Out.'
During a press conference at the Iscus Hotel Abomination Angel was answering questions in front of a group of around 50 reporters when one made allegations concerning censorship of the new album, 'Religious Intolerance.'  He stated that some of the images he [AbAngel] had intended to have both on the cover and inside the new album had been binned and accused AbAngel of 'Selling out to commercialism' by 'watering down the lyrics of some of the tracks to appease the powers that be and sell more records.'

A glass went flying towards the reporter, believed to be from the Trident, followed by a hail of abuse from AbAngel, who claimed that only one picture had been omitted from the main album but that nothing else had been touched regarding the content of the songs. 'Look at the f**king website, c***! There they are! Everything, all the words on there are on the album and f**king more!' he yelled. 'You wanna stand there and whisper about injustice, religion and f**k, and then accuse me of selling out? You say what you - and everyone around you - thinks, if you f**king dare. Go on, shout it out! I'll stand up here and take the flack about saying what I reckon about religion and government! But I'll say it! You're too f**king scared - and then you wanna criticise me when it take's two bloody years to get a record out 'cos no c*** wants to come near it! It's c***s like you who stand by and won't say a thing in case of offending anyone!'
'Marion Styles'



The rumours have been around for some time of a split in the ranks but the news is that Abomination Angel's biggest venture into Album-Land is about to become reality.
Abomination Angel issued a statement today stating that differences between himself, the record Company, Topeth and the agents and  lawyers involved had been 'ironed out as far as possible and some sort of compromise had been reached.'

The Album, still entitled 'Religious Intolerance' is due out 20th June.



Abomination Angel's reply to Reverend Nybain's statement was reported in many Eastern papers and has caused another minor outcry amongst some religious leaders.

 Referring repeatedly to him as "Reverend No-Brain" AbAngel countered the comments made by reiterating his remarks about equality and stating that he felt that religion was "above the law."

He went on to condemn Rev Nybain as a "hypocrite, who is more concerned with the freedom to wear a tiny symbol of slavery to his superstition than about the millions of women who are kept in real servitude and slavery by the religion of other countries. It's not about driving a wedge between religions - that's already there - it's about real equality for everyone."  


"The Fire of Hatred Grows" is how 'Praise Be' journal described Abomination Angel's stand on the latest 'Religious Rows' erupting in Britain. The comments were made after AbAngel had attacked BA's decision to stand down after the fiasco involving a woman suspended after refusing to remove her cross whilst at work.

Abomination had declared that as the rules had been laid down before the woman got her job at BA, the Company were right to reprimand her for refusing to take it off. In the article, he continued, "The fact that they backed down is simply another example of the majority having to bow & scrape to religious superstition again. We're all equal except if you worship a god. Then you're exempt from equality."
"I wonder if the Bible Bashers at large would be so quick to defend her right to wear a religious badge if she'd had it upside down, or had a tiny Baphomet instead?" he added.

The Rev Anthony Nybain hit out at the comments made, stating that "...[Abomination Angel] forgets that the reason for this protest, upheld by many people of all faiths, was that other religions are able to show their faith in what they wear, for example by their headgear, and this lady was simply expressing a wish to show her faith in the same manner. This man is once again trying to drive a wedge between our peace loving communities."


A caustic remark added fuel to the debate on the Pope's comments last night as Abomination Angel appeared to back the Pope's quote from the 14th century Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Palaeologus, who said: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

"God told his followers to take the sword to unbelievers throughout the world. Look at Genesis. carry on through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and so on. Past Samuel, kings, Isaiah, Daniel and the rest... All the way through you find God meting out death and destruction through his army of followers to those who he dislikes. At least most christians seemed to have grown out of that bit of the bible. Now we have the same betrayal of civilization through religion.. this time in the form of the muslim extremist. Someone quotes a 14th century Byzantine emperor and what is their answer to the charge that theirs is a violent faith? Simple, burn down some churches and kill a nun in retaliation. Yeah, we can all now see just what a loving and tolerant god you've got now..."


Abomination Angel, now in Japan, defends his behaviour and the song that many believe to be the catalyst for much of the prevailing chaos that follows him around. In an interview with Maakk magazine he said, "A riot is a disruption, something that halts everyday progress and not necessarily violent. There is a point behind it. I have never advocated violence for its own sake. I'm not a right wing thug, getting his rocks off by smashing up property for fun. But I believe we all have a right to say what we feel and to make those feelings known, and the best way to do that is out on the street, not sitting in the pub behind a pint with your mate, or discussing it with your granddad. that's never going to change anything. Let people know how strongly you feel. Get enough people to riot with you and things will happen..."  


Charges that were to be brought against the Abomination Angel were dropped last  night amidst protests from locals in Punta Chala. They feel that the authorities should have done more to prevent the violence that disrupted their town last month and are demanding compensation. The ISS stated that there was insufficient evidence to link Abomination Angel directly to the violence. Locals say the song 'Riot' was provocative and resulted in the instigation of the violence...
(Estelle Wagner)


...Six cities have now banned Abomination Angel from playing following the widely reported disturbances last month...
(Fuega Post - Peru)


A peaceful sunny afternoon in Punta Chala [Peru] turned into a scene of destruction in and around the [Western] Theatre. Police reinforcements were called to quell what locals described as a 'rebellious mob' causing havoc in the surrounding streets. Arrests were made and three people taken to hospital although there were no serious injuries and they were discharged shortly after.
Exactly what actually happened inside the concert to instigate the trouble is unsure. Statements from eyewitnesses seen to vary widely although there are reports of problems arising at the front of the stage, heavy-handed security, a fight at the back of the hall and a hail of bottles being thrown at one section of the crowd. All these have been cited as the cause of the violence...
(Astrid Meyana)

A Reason to Blame?

...Like some modern-day Nero figure, Abomination Angel continued playing whilst the violence erupted around.
It used to be said that he was almost encouraging the behaviour of the audience; an accusation always denied by the man himself (Although usually in the same way as the kid with the chocolaty face denies having been at the candy). Yesterday there was one big difference... The song "Riot!"
Up until this final number the gig had been one of the standard Abomination Angel cacophony of noise, sweat, exertion, hysteria and pent up aggression.
The problem with any pent up emotion is that it is either dissipated or fuelled to the point of explosion.
Abomination Angel had clearly decided on the latter course, opening the song with a cheerful cry of "Are you Bastards gonna just stand there or what?" then rushing straight into the chorus of "Riot!"
Snarling, stalking the stage like some demented dog, pummelling the guitar with his own one-finger chords of chaos  and spitting the vitriol of the lyrics at the audience, the atmosphere, already highly charged, was turned up another couple of notches. The noise became intense. The lyrics became indiscernible because they had already had their desired effect - the crowd had risen to the bait and had begun the mutual destruction that seemed to have been mapped out for them. Only the cry of "Riot! Riot!.. On Your Feet, Riot! Riot!.. Take the Streets..." could be heard amongst the maelstrom of noise in the theatre...
It's difficult to understand or be clear of the order of events in the next hour, except that it involved the near destruction of the theatre and the write-off of a number of cars in the surrounding district.
Abomination Angel was not available for comment immediately afterwards but the authorities are certainly going to take this further.
(Pierre Midwoya)


A surprise series of "Album Pre-Release" dates have been announced to promote the album 'Religious Intolerance,' proving that Abomination is back. The dates are set for between 16th & 29th June in South America where Abomination Angel had such success last year. To avoid 'problems' venues will be announced locally and at the last minute - an idea touted by the record company to prevent 'unnecessary difficulties' with councils and locals. Further dates are in the pipeline for Asia.


It has been a turbulent few months for the Abomination Angel. The album is apparently complete but companies are still refusing to print the sleeves due to Abomination Angel’s insistence that a depiction of the prophet Mohammed be left in. An image of a crucifix being used in much the same manner as Marianne Faithful’s Mars Bar is also being frowned upon!

The tracks themselves are causing controversy due to the inclusion of Islam amongst the anti-religious outpourings.

When asked about tracks like ‘Underground,’ Abomination Angel told me, “Religion is religion in whatever guise it takes. It’s shit and most people know it. The thing is though that I’m actually saying it publicly and not just moaning about it to my mate over a cup of tea. Look at those groups who say they’re making a stand against religion… No, they’re not… They’re making a stand against Christianity – making Christianity the scapegoat for every religious evil in the world. No one’s got the balls to cross that line – to say ‘actually, they’re all as bad as each other – Islam, Christianity, Hindu, Buddhist... oh and yes, Devil worshippers too. Religion divides men, puts the extremists against the moderates… and yet no one has the bollocks to actually say something… No one – People just seem to be afraid… If enough of us stood up and said what we think…

Everything in faith and religion is divisive. ‘No one comes to the father except by me’ and all that shit. Accept Jesus or go to hell. There are the archbishops saying it’s fine to follow other religions except that if you don’t take Jesus as your saviour you’re damned to hell. Why don’t we hear Christians saying, “Islam, Buddhism, neo-paganism and all that stuff are wrong?” A few more (Salman) Rushdie’s is what the world needs. If we all took a stand maybe we could get rid of superstition once and for all.”

Asked whether the album will come out, Abomination Angel stated simply, “It will.” Such is perseverance. At the moment he is clearly refusing to bow to the pressure before him. Brave & determined, or foolhardy and dangerous – see the Abomination Angel as you will.

Will the album come out, uncut and without compromise as he says it will…my money says ‘yes’…

We’ll see.



There was a rumour that Abomination Angel was no more.

This was blasted yesterday by the Abomination Angel himself in an interview with Zena-radio. Speaking from England, Abomination Angel announced, “Sure Things haven’t been so good lately. We’re still working on the morons who are stopping my career, stopping people from getting hold of the stuff we have spent ages recording. The album is still not out. It will come but when I can’t tell you – there have already been legal threats over it and it hasn’t even been released. We keep pushing but it’s so bloody frustrating. It’s frustrating for me and the fans who are kept waiting. The stupid thing is that we’ve already performed most of the stuff – no, possibly all of it – live already. It’s not like I’m doing anything different from a live set. And live you’ve got the atmosphere to get hyped up with as well… I supposed I’ve just got myself banned form another dozen clubs for saying that now!

The trouble is that it got me down. I let it get to me and I shouldn’t. I’ve just come back from the USA where I got rested, met family and got encouragement… Thanks John & Robbye.

The album will come out and we will win…"


Rumours are flying about the future of Abomination Angel, whose disappearance from the scene - in fact life in general - has sparked press speculation about his whereabouts, ranging from going into hiding to suicide. One magazine recently reported that he was seen in a monastery (a fabricated story!). The statement from the record company states simply that 'Abomination Angel are taking a break and will be back in the studio shortly. Trouble is they've been saying that for the last few weeks...


"The situation has become almost intolerable..."

The words of Abomination Angel on Friday after we caught him at a "Dellin Qwence" gig in Thailand. "The record company won't let me out of this damn contract. I've signed to provide them with an album that should have been on the shelves last summer - but they won't release it as it stands. It's got to be doctored, to make it more palatable and less offensive. They've got lawyers and shit looking at it from all angles. All I want to do is make music that says something - not the idiot-catching pap that's around now - and let people hear it in their living rooms as well as seeing me shouting it on stage...
I'll tell you... you'll hear it one way or another..."


New Year, New problems...

Abomination Angel, in an interview with DailyWatch outlined the present problems facing the group.
"Last year was mixed - a lot off good stuff went on but then we got a pile of shit thrown at us at the end of the year. I'm getting fed up... No, really fed up. I'm standing here shouting out against political correctness, bureaucracy and all that crap... shouting about everyone's right to say what we feel & do what we want, and at the same time there's everyone around us putting barriers up - telling me what I can and can't do.
I can speak out against a Christian God, or about religion in general - oh yeah, three cheers... we're all for that, brother. But just mention Muslims or Jews and the shutters suddenly go down. I've got the record company telling me they won't put the album out unless I cut some of the tracks - especially 'Underground' and 'Fatwa 911'. First it was one, then two songs and now they're looking at the rest. It's getting stupid. Mind you they're not in the least concerned with 'Suicide Visionary' or 'Law of God.' They're anti Christian. Even bloody 'Rape of Madonna' gets the ok from the top knobs. But stick something in about how I slightly disagree with Muslim Extremists blowing innocent people to bits in the name of their God and they don't wanna know. They're afraid... that's all it is. Afraid of reaction. Afraid of offending. I say someone's gotta make a stand.
Even the sodding cover - I can't believe it - they're arguing about the cover because of its anti-religious sentiment. They know what's going on. It's 'Religious Intolerance' - a play on words. I can't tolerate religion; Religion can't tolerate the non-religious. Yet whenever it's quoted, it's always quoted with the focus on the former meaning - never on what religion, in any form is doing or has done to the world.
I'm having difficulty booking venues now. Playing's a nightmare. I know there've been some problems at places we've played but I seem to be the scapegoat for all the problems in towns or cities we play in. Some of this is brought on by the protesters that seem to follow us wherever we are, sometimes it's just the poverty or brutality of life and I'm just the catalyst, I suppose.
Yeah, I'm practising... writing new stuff, but basically I'm pissed off with things at the moment. I think I'm saying what a lot of people would like to say, and I'm being penalised for it..."
(Janet Staid)



There's still no sign of the new album, "Religious Intolerance" despite the tracks , believed to be 16, having been recorded and ready for the last few weeks. In an exclusive interview for this official site, Abomination Angel has indicated that there are two reasons for the delay, namely the record company's objection  to the song "Fatwa 911" [see lyrics on this site] and also their objection to the cover of the album! This allegedly portrays a "Chrome picture of Christ as a Woman doing the 101st thing you can do with a crucifix!"

As they say, Negotiations are on-going!...


Following the censorship of both one song and an interview [see 15.10.05]... Abomination Angel accused the producers [of the show] of 'gross f**king hypocrisy,' pointing out that in the last two weeks they had broadcast a whole day dedicated to Black Metal bands. He told interviewers, "If some cretin preaching the wonders of  Satan and the occult can rubbish Christ and every other religion, that seems to be OK. If I stand there and say that it's All a pile of shit, I get cut."
(Tam Lai-Sung)


Abomination Angel appear on "MuSICK," playing live versions of "Tawse" and "Rape of Madonna" but are prevented from playing "Fatwa 911" by the producers of the show due to "possible offence to religious groups." Abomination Angel's planned interview is also cancelled at the last moment.


Abomination Angel features in "Destiny" Magazine, Thailand.

Click on Abomination Angel logo (Left) to read the interview.


The tour of Peru and Chile passed off mainly as a triumph for Abomination Angel, but still managed to include the usual array of violence and destruction so long associated with his tours. This time it was at Cusco where a group of kids apparently began throwing bottles towards the front of the crowd as the set came towards it's finale. After the stage cleared, those at the front seemed to rush towards the back and a number of fights broke out. Police presence seemed almost non-existent as the fighting spilled out onto the streets but the whole episode lasted for only about 20 minutes after the gig had finished. there were a few arrests and around 15 people were taken to hospital, mostly with minor injuries.

However, the scene repeated itself at "La Halle" in Antofaqasta where scuffles broke out almost continually throughout the gig. Abomination Angel did not appear to mind the interruptions but actually joined in the chants of "Luta! Luta!" [Fight! Fight!] and landed a couple of blows himself on one lad who had clearly intended to disrupt the set by coming on stage wielding a piece of stick. the lad was picked up from the floor of the stage and taken away by security. Again, despite the incidents at Cusco, the police were nowhere to be seen and it was left to the show's security to try - unsuccessfully  - to maintain some sort of order. However, like at Cusco, the violence appeared to fade soon after the end of the show, leaving a local community to pick up the remains of their concert hall.

Despite this, the tour was deemed a success by those that were there, with Abomination Angel at his scathing, vitriol-spitting best. see you next time.
(Vena Enrattio)


The venue for Valparaiso has been confirmed as "Deccofins" and an additional date for 14.06.05 has been added in Santiago at "Elmara delux" due to the unexpected demand for tickets here!


A short tour of Peru and Chile has been announced. Dates confirmed are:-

03.06.05: Piura - "Liiymas"
04.06.05: Trujillo - "Globaal"
06.06.05: Lima - "La Verde"
07.06.05: Cusco -"Merde reds"
09.06.05: Antofaqasta - "La Halle"
10.06.05: La Serena - "Atacama Hyde"
11.06.05: Valparaiso - (venue to be confirmed)
12.06.05: Santiago - "Paulo"

"This is something I've always wanted to do," said Abomination Angel at a small press conference today. "There seem to be a few fans of mayhem all over and we've had a lot of letters and emails from people in South America asking us to go. It's a bit of an adventure really - no one here really knows what to expect but kids are much the same the world over so I reckon we're gonna have a good time there."


After flying into Japan yesterday, [Abomination Angel] flew out today leaving controversy behind him once again. The idea was to do a series of interviews and two radio shows... but it all stopped after just one show. Appearing with ElTenika on the Saturday evening 'Ninya' slot, Abomination Angel began by playing the first of their 3 specially recorded tracks, "Belief." However, the station then refused to play "Emily's Tears" and pulled the final song - a new recording called "911" - after one minute and 10 seconds, leaving an embarrassing silence of almost half a minute before anyone in the studio appeared to realise what had happened. Having cut short the song, nothing further was heard from Abomination Angel, and no comments were made from Ninya or anyone else on the matter. The station would give no explanation as to why they pulled the plug on the song but it appears that Abomination Angel was given a totally free hand to record the three tracks in the station's studio beforehand. The station clearly had not heard them or had not listened them properly prior to them being broadcast. The second session, due to be aired live two days later on the same station, was cancelled minutes after the show.
The chances of Abomination Angel getting any airtime at all is becoming more & more remote!

(Amanda Cryver)


"This last month has been fantastic for us," remarks Abomination Angel. "The two gigs in Taiwan and these two in Bombay have been far different from the usual stuff. India was an unknown quantity for us as we're pretty much an unknown group there - almost like Europe in fact. There were some people that knew us, but these were mostly the prats in high office that wanted to stop us playing. Strangely there was less religious aggression towards us - yeah, strange... You know, there were none of the god botherers around there. Perhaps they're more tolerant, I dunno. The only weird thing was that any posters we put up seemed to come down again within about ten minutes, but no one saw who was taking them. The gigs went ok, although they were all seated in Bombay. Pity... The Indians are some of the most energetic dancers on the planet - I've got a lot of respect for their beat - you just wanna move - so having them sat down was a bit of a bastard really... Thing was that we could just let ourselves go like we were jamming together. Mick and me did some twists and impro[visation] to some of the older numbers which I think we could actually work on later... The album is still there, by the way - It's just none of us have been arsed to do much about it over the last couple of months. Topheth [their record company] have been on at us and are getting a bit pissed off, but.. hey fuck, it'll come. It's been nice to do a couple of gigs without interruption [Referring to the recent spates of violence at some events] - we'll do this one again."
("Rich Verse" Magazine)


Did we say it was complex or what? Hours after appearing on the radio show, "City," Abomination find themselves moving from one venue to another, even though it's less than 200 yards away! "Silver Moon" cancel the two shows scheduled, but the "Fire" step in to replace them at short notice! Then some chaos rules (What's new?) as fans are not given full information & the PR machine breaks down somewhat. Few people appear to know about the switch. Some have heard about the cancellation by "Silver Moon" and stay at home, or they haven't and turn up at the wrong venue. (However, with the event now only a short distance away the majority find their way to the right place). It was a pity as, although both gigs were fairly sparsely attended, they were fast and tight. Acoustics left something to be desired, with much of Abomination Angel's lyrics being lost in the front row of the crowd, and the guitars seemingly cutting into your head like hacksaws - but the crowd seemed pleased, as did Abomination Angel themselves afterwards.


Abomination Angel appeared on the "City" show tonight, and although unable to promote "Emily's tears" due to the continued ban on the record, the group played "Emma." It was made clear, though that this was done under protest.
(George Rabine)






Abomination Angel will be playing two gigs at The Silver Moon Club on January 18th, with at least one appearance on the local "City" programme scheduled two days beforehand.

There were rumoured  to be further venues that have turned down "the chance to host the Abomination Angel" but it is known that a couple of smaller gigs will be taking place later in February & March in India.
(J. Tau)


New dates for a tour of Taiwan have been announced...

Where? There's the rub! With authorities still adamant that Abomination Angel will not play, it's a question of wait and see. Where, when & even under what name... Christsake it's complex!


Just a week after it's release, Emily's Tears has hit the upper echelons of the the charts... despite, as expected, airplay being virtually nil. Apart from a few indie stations, the main Eastern radio stations have refused to play the record due to it's "immoral content," "religious intolerance," "blasphemy" or "pornographic descriptions," depending on which source you are looking at. Still the record sells...


The good news is that the EP, Emily's Tears, will be available from 8th November (7th November in Japan). The bad news is that, even with only a limited number of pre-release copies already out in Japan and Thailand,  it's clear that there ain't gonna be much airplay. There has been a pretty much widespread condemnation of the EP - everything from the lyrics to the cover have been hit - at least by the media. Christian groups have called for a ban and even the pro-life groups have condemned the song for just the mention of the word abortion. All this without, as yet, the EP having been released!
However, despite this, the record is sure to be a success with the fans, and is likely to help generate an even greater following for the group in the wake of the last tour.
As well as the Title Track, which is as ruthless as the critics make it out to be, there are two superb renditions of Warmonger & Belief, which, at first hearing, capture the energy of the live performances and seem possibly faster! An interesting bonus is the addition of an earlier demo version of Warmonger, which is almost an entirely different song to the one we know live. Do as thou will - Emily's Tears will make it's mark here in the East. Whether it does anything elsewhere we will have to see.



Abomination Angel has been talking today to 'Haze' about the new EP due for release in November. He is quoted as saying that the sound is becoming "more harsh" and "less commercial!" (since when could you ever describe an AbAngel track as Commercial!). "It (Emily's Tears) is  really just a hatred song. Yes it's about religion, but encompasses so much more. It's about guilt and oppression, murder and suicide, madness and dogma.. I'm sure that you'll see more into it than I put. The other tracks are a couple of my favourite live performances - Warmonger and Belief. People seem to go with Belief in a big way. Hopefully this will do it justice."

Rumours of a possible court case involving two men injured in the riots during the Japanese leg of the last tour have been declared untrue by Abomination Angel. A spokesman for the band said today that they have not been presented with any charges, summons or claims  from any group or individual following the tour.
Due to the extraordinarily high security presence at almost every gig throughout the tour, it would seem unlikely that any case against the group or Abomination Angel himself would succeed.

(Martin Padfield)

"Fuck 'em... and their daughters & their dogs" - A simple  reply to the French and German authorities who collectively put an end to hope of dates in Berlin and Paris and subsequently the 8 other venues planned for December. The excuses were that there was insufficient time to provide security at such events but it is clear that no one seems to want Abomination Angel or his act at any venue at present. Abomination Angel complained that "a lot of hard work has gone into the last 12 months and there seems to be piss all to show for it!" Certainly the new Album appears to be behind schedule - not that that worries the Angel himself, but certainly concerns the small Topheth label who are reliant on the sales to, lets face it, survive - Abomination Angel being their biggest financial puller. The last tour was dramatically cut short and hopes of any sort of tour to promote the album are rapidly fading. Yet Angel is still forthright in his determination that it will all come together again, and that he will play eventually - "Who am I playing for?" he asks, "Me & those that want to listen! Not the arseholes that think people should do what they say, listen to what they do and act the way they behave. I voted to keep democracy. I believe in freedom and that includes the freedom to say what I want and for others to listen - whether they like it or agree I don't fucking care, but at least they're free to make up their own minds.",
(Tony Rake)

Although still working in the studios, Abomination Angel are putting together a brief tour - possibly half a dozen dates, for the end of the year. However, it is more likely that they will play to smaller venues this time. A number of gigs in France, Germany and Holland are already pencilled in, although the local authorities have to approve them - which may be difficult following the scenes on the last tour. 
(Tony Rake)

Abomination Angel is to play on the forthcoming Faberge Mental single due to be released in August.
His own album is still being recorded. "It's taking a long time to get right," said AbAngel, "and we've redone a couple of the early tracks to get the right sound, but it's not going out till we're ready. I'm playing about with Rape [of Madonna] as the first couple of mixes lost it entirely."
Wait and see...

(Martin Padfeld)

Yesterday's interview with Moroccan TV presenter, "Elle" was recorded but not broadcast. The reasons were given as a "tight time schedule resulting in the cutting of the presentation," but may have more to do with the fact that Abomination Angel's language was described by one engineer as "colourful." Angry over the lack of "serious questioning," the final straw came when he was asked "if he thought the world would be 'nicer' if we all loved each other." Abomination Angel appeared to throw his glass in he general direction of Ms Elle shouting that without "religious bigotry, corporate f**king greed and f**king morons like you asking pathetic questions, yes the world would be a slightly better place."
There are no plans to broadcast the interview and it is believed to have been deleted.

(Tony Rake)

Recording the new CD, "Skeleton Army" is underway - release due later in the year - further information will appear once more details are known.

(Simian Puller)


Abomination Angel have announced that all four concerts in Australia on 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th May have been cancelled due to "legal problems." All ticket holders will be refunded. No further dates have been announced as yet but it appears unlikely that any will be made. The group have apologised citing "unreal events" and "fanatic authorities" as the cause of the cancellations.
(Frances Elder)


March 26th 2004. Tsubati

It started well.

Abomination angel, again refusing a support act, were due on at 8pm.






The crowd had warmed but there was the wait... a deliberate strategy on Abomination Angel's part. There was a mountain of tension already but that was later to become a volcano. Banned in 3 cities, since the tour began in February, the police presence at the latest concert was strangely low and a 45 minute wait for the group did little to ease the suspension, especially considering the heat in the packed arena.

Then the opening bars to "Satyrday night" screamed through the sweat and Abomination Angel appeared, hell bent on chaos. On cue, the crowd erupted as the first hail of bottles rained.

This was a frenzied, blood ridden voyage for the army of Tsubati fans who had braved the reports and were foolhardy to see for themselves.



The set continued, with Angel goading the crowd through all the best...
                        "Slaughter" was spat out with its normal hatred, blows continued to rain throughout "Execution" and  "Lust," and even the sublime "Emma Remembers" seemed darker than before. 


After nearly 2 hours, the final number, "Rape of Madonna" ended in mayhem as part of the barrier collapsed and some of the crowd began rushing the stage. Security "handled" the situation - mainly with fists and broken chairs - and Abomination Angel themselves helped matters no end by hurling the bottles that littered the stage back into the crowd. 



Within a few minutes, though, the group were backstage and the police began pushing the fans from the building. That did not stop them, though as the main street became a battleground for the next hour before "order" was restored.





Later, Abomination Angel said he was
"Very happy with the evening... (The gig)
went well... What about the violence?
Nothing out of the ordinary - it seems to have followed us on this tour - but at least the kids, yeah and the country, will actually remember us."


The final two dates in Kamashui & Shubata have already been cancelled.
A Statement regarding the forthcoming Australian leg of the tour is due soon.

(Frances Elder)



Odika today became the third town to announce that Abomination were not welcome to play within their boundaries. The group were due to perform tomorrow night. This follows the previous bans in Hamisaku and Nishawakaro and the violence which followed the gig  in Kurowa yesterday. Abomination Angel himself said he felt "the concerts  we've actually been allowed to do have been great - superb reaction..." but admitted to being "fucked off with the bastards believe all they read,  haven't seen  us and don't want anyone else to either..."
(Frances Elder)


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