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Another Year. Another gig. Another ban.

Touring Uruguay and taking in Castillos, Rocha and San Carlos caused some upset to the General Authorities who were forced to put on extra security following rumours of planned riots during the tour by everyone from the far left to the far right and even including some religious groups. Ironically the protesters didn't seem to agree on what they were protesting about but that didn't seem to matter to those in charge.

apart from some minor disturbances after the first gig, everything appeared well until Montevideo stopped the promoters going ahead with the gig on 23rd December. Then the familiar words Cancelled began to be plastered over the billboards and it was back t the old times.

Abomination Angel did manage a couple of decent venues though, and part of the Salto performance was recorded, with Another Year, a great adaptation of Another Day, played on December 30th, available to listen to on the Noise Page. [See link at foot of page].

(G Naylor)



A number of tracks have been announced for the new album and the lyrics issued, as usual for the Abomination Angel. They make interesting reading. The working title for the album is is F.U.U.K. The lyrics have been put onto the 'Noise' page. Abomination Angel himself has told us that samples may be issued in the near future. Look forward to it...




When asked about plans for a new album during the 'Foresight' show on Mexican TV last night, Abomination Angel confirmed that this was being worked on albeit slowly. During the brief interview he said, 'There's a lot of work being done but it's taking time. I've done songs that I'm not happy with, either lyrically or musically, and they've been either worked on or discarded. It seems like I'm heading i the right direction then I take a few steps back. Perhaps I'm too critical but I want people to hear what I'm happy with. I'm not going to release stuff just because I've got an obligation to. I've got an obligation to no one but myself. The album will be out when it's out... I'll let you know when.'



It is now emerging that a new set of songs is being produced to form the basis of a new album to be released in 2010. Abomination angel have done a series of 'low key' gigs arranged at very short notice to avoid the bans suffered last year on the 'Religious SIN tolerance' tours, played in smaller venues throughout south America and Asia.




Extract from 'Views' Magazine - February 09

Q: It's been along time since anyone has really heard from the Abomination Angel. What has been happening  in the last six months?

A; There's been a lot of depression and inertia. The tours last year went their normal way with a lot of them being cancelled. Those that went ahead were pretty good, but things just started getting me down again and it seems we're always fighting a losing battle.

Q: In what way?

A: Personal things. Political things. It's just... The world just seems like a f**king sh*thole ruled by money and power at the moment. Those at the bottom are destined to stay there despite everything the likes of the ordinary person tries to do.

It got to the stage when I'm standing there... on a stage... shouting about what I feel is wrong with everything, and people understand and agree and everything, but you can't change things. OK I can make people aware, but changing is another matter. You get to the point where you start to wonder what it's all for.

Q: Did you think of quitting? I now you had a thought in that direction some time ago.

A: No. I had a spell of depression, yeah, but I've been there before and could handle it better this time. I just started to get back into the music again. 'Anger is an energy' as John Lydon once said.

Q: So what are you doing now musically?

A: Ideas are there but in different directions. Not all, and I haven't gone away from my 'style' but other areas have come up which I feel strongly about and these come up in the songs I write.

Q: Such as?

A: There's a big sexual overtone to the current songs. The next album I think is going to be more sexually orientated but there are still many other issues that are going round. There's this stupid war in Afghanistan. I don't know how long this is going to take but it just seems to be going nowhere. The guys out there are doing a fantastic job and all praise to them but they're doing it under orders, and it just seems that governments have forgotten or don't know what is supposed to happen next. Money is being spent left, right and centre propping financial institutions up whilst unemployment and misery is increasing about the general population...

(Sam Leitz)


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