Another Year (Live)...



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Vulnerable and wiling, Something for the weekend,
Four minute warning, it's one on one.
Soulless morality, pulling out your ticket,
Staring at the ceiling, Singular fun.

Beating on the bed, Self abused Darling,
Boring whoring, cumming for none.
Don't matter who you are, silence in the morning,
A token for the bin man, you've been done.

Domination - Your Fate
Altered Reality - The Bait
Last Night - Emulate
Self Destruct - Your Trait


Veils of cotton uncovering the pleasure-gate
The Holy Grail here for all.
Escape from reality, touching up flesh,
Inside, sense is gone to the wall.


Miles of inches plugging up the tunnel,
Fucking, coming on the conquest call.
Nine hour future, stains from the past,
Launder memories of this month's fall.


Tongues entwine - No other.
Tonight you've found - A lover.
Fucked by just - A Bummer.
Tomorrow calls - Another.


Inviting inside a body warm,
A free provider of real life porn.
Token niceness turns to stone,
Hardened emotions - Abused and alone.


Bottles on the carpet, ashes in the sink,
Vomit in the bathroom, head on the blink,
Easy and available, making the cut -
Known to the creeps as a full-time slut.


Sensations abate.

Handed out on a plate.

Add it to the slate.

Numbers to collate.


You're just a cunt.

You're the thrill of the hunt.

Another brag of a senseless shag.


You're just a cunt.



It's a wasteland world waiting for change,
Sick of fighting it's still the same.

Anticipation, desolation, got falling apart to a black-toned art.
Anxiety, despondency, pent-up anger holds the key.

Walls extend around freedom, emotional isolation.

No reason to carry on but nothing left to die for.
Shit and pressure everyday.
My goal is my survival.

Married to depression. She's always here.
Fucking the goddess of hatred and fear.
Down in the deadpan pits of the sewer
Surrounded by chaos, darkness endures.

Death to life, life to death. take me from this bloody mess.

Can you hear me? Can you hear me call?

Freedom and autonomy? A fight for bloody anarchy.
Madness, destruction, oppression or action?

Can you hear me call?

You're free when you're dead.


(Just) Another Day

Another day over.
A third of the world at war.
150 Countries still happily using torture.

One in Five on a dollar a day.
One in Five going hungry.
36,000 Americans went for plastic surgery.

A typical day in a world full of fear.
Millions die but you can't see their tears.
Oppression and torture, hatred and lies,
Sleep whilst another child dies...

It's just Another Day!

Another 33 Russians killed through domestic violence.
300 girls and women are trafficked to the West.
17 American kids expelled for bringing guns into school.
5000 women suffer circumcision.
There's 27 million slaves.

Another day over and nothing has changed.
Murdered, raped, beaten and maimed,
Forgotten, neglected lost in despair.
Another day of no one to care.

Be frightened. Be afraid. It could be you.

40 million Indian kids
Work sweatshops to earn their pay,
Whilst 44 million women are missing in China today.
300 000 child soldiers,
More suicides than death through war.
This is the world we live in, violating the poor.

It can't go on. Ad Infinitum.

Another Year (Live)


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Bedroom Wall

Burning my mind with the history of mystery encounters
The Bedroom Wall reflects a hundred scenes
Names are numbers places merge
Names are numbers places merge

Tormented by the laughter in those dreams
Vitriol replacing passion In the low light of the night
Undermining all compassion
Yesterday is out of sight

Being tried for sighs Another game
Alcohol and dope and instant gain
Pleasureland and Easy
Pleasureland and Easy
Faceless masturbation again, again

Envy now replacing lust Every waking hour
A double wall of jealous hatred destroying sexual power
The Stench of god still stealing the lives of youth
Oppression tending the sexual seeds of guilt

Religious wait, virginal hate
Biblical waste, twisted and chaste
Years of vile loathing slowly built
Religious rules replacing sense
See it happen still
Violate a natural urge as it's against god's will

Physical union dead from unnatural causes
A negative emotional universe gathers in.
Erotic loss at the open door
Ecstasy it hits the floor
Togetherness is lost in sexual sin.
Nothing replacing nothing,
Anger all the time.
Crushing thought is in the way,
Your memories are mine.




"Bedroom Wall"


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A book of god whose rules you keep, controls the lives of those you reap.
Armed with the holy book of Hate, millions now denied their fate.

Calling to the chosen one.
Answer comes there none.

Repressing laughter, causing grief,
Obscene faith beyond belief.
Martyrdom and suicide. Paradise from genocide.
God fights god with death and war.
Superstition stands. What for?
Prison camps, hostage taking. Religious terror in the making.

Crying out to god in vain, through the suffering and the pain.

Banning any contraception, it's against your pope's direction.
Sexual sin, guilt induced.
Carry on your Child Abuse.

Tell the kids of those who died where to stick religious pride.
Take your god out of the frame.
Destroy the Evil in his name.




Witness the evil
Of the Hate generation
Sacrifice the disposable
Slice of the nation
Living their lies
Based on fear and disgust
A victim mentality
Of Vengeance and Lust

Hail to the Warmonger
Life to the Death Reveller
Glory to the Gore Hunger
Praise for the Peace Plunderer

Forever & ever the general lies
Truth in their argument already died
Dead remembered - the reasons not
Final Humanity is losing the plot

Armchair Warfare - the gullible flock
Escalating excitement unlikely to stop
Seeking something to cheer & unite
Blood Lust & a love of the fight.


Pimped by the bankers, The government whore.
Filth and destruction left for the poor.
Downtrodden bastards lost out again.
Financial cancer rots government's brain.

Out in the Streets. Nowhere to hide.
Survival the goal, no comfort or pride.
The city of Death. Emotion has fled.
Soulless creations, society bred.

Bail out the city, they're feeling the heat.
Five Hundred Billion for greed and deceit.
Take from the Have-Nots. Prop up the rich.
Who gives a toss about some destitute bitch?

Walking the Streets, their constitution.
Eke out an income through prostitution.
Life in a doorway, no hope or care.
Cardboard communities. Fear everywhere.

Wait for the Outcasts to gather.

There's only so much more they can take.
Upping the ante, you'll see them break.
Ruling the streets. Uniting the Lost.
Fuelled by injustice, to Britain cost.

Living the Streets. Running the Streets.
Taking the Streets. Ruling the Streets.



Living a lie everyday of my life
Let the Other boys play
Reflecting the scene in another sick dream
Switch it onto replay
Pictures so real dominate how I feel
Emotion in disarray
Wet at your gate for the ones that I hate
My brain goes into decay.

Wanting so much and forbidden to touch
Like a dog in the butcher's I lay
Living my hell in a solitary cell
Watching the other boys play.

Doing my time with your partner in crime
Cross off another day
Anger won't cease; there is no release
The pain won't go away
I'm there with the men, but not one of them
Caught up in the melee
The raw deprivation and intoxication
Hate enters the fray.

God knows I've tried. I'm burning inside
Watching them Play for Today
Seeing a number dragging me under
In cheap ecstasy.
Fucked and abused, taken and used,
Let them all have their way.
Losing my pride; Nothing inside.
See the other boys play.


(The) Nightmare Becomes

Shutting my eyes I can feel you are near
Unconsciousness calls me to relive my fear.
Turning up the madness, twisting every thought,
Embellish septic memories, Hating me for sport.
And now... I am caught.

The Nightmare returns filled with its pain.
The nightmare is real and it drives me insane.
Poisons my mind. Vitriol it persists.
Revelling in loathing which I can't resist.

Images of penetration. Gone is all that's nice.
Visions of a time unseen. Into a pit of vice.
Easy pickings all around. Self respect is dead.
Masturbation ecstasy, screwing with my head.

The nightmare returns and it calls out my name.
The nightmare of hell using me for its game.
Its' claws in my brain. It is always the same.
The Nightmare it haunts me again and again.

Watching you writhe whilst I lie here and die.
Seeing you pleasured, there's nowhere to hide.
Erotica wrapped in the throes of the past.
My First and my Last.
The Nightmare Becomes.



They think you're alright to liven the night.
Got pleasure to find and a decked out mind.
Seek satisfaction.
In on some action.
A sexual notion without the emotion.

They're out of your head and into your bed.
A whore for the poor, living but dead.
Filling your holes. Leaving you cold.
Becoming a sex receptacle.

Physical gain. Mutual distain.
Screwed with no compassion.
Cheap, hot slut,
On for a fuck.
No substitute for passion.

It's the easy, easy, easy way.
You're an easy, easy, easy lay.

A fucked-up trooper, a last night loser.
A predictable game, always ending the same.
A room full of smoke, booze and dope,
Give yourself up for a one-time fuck.

Screwing a dream to an intimate scene.
Swap your pride to get him inside.
Gets what he wanted, not what you need.
A Lube-Tube body, masturbatory greed.

No name, just cock. Now your body rocks
To the faceless bounty hunter.
Someone new is coming in you -
Just another fuck-off punter.

Easy Easy Easy.

Reality lost, counting the cost.
Stains in your bed and a screwed-up head.
Bedridden for years. Sex covered fears.
Night time calls and darkness falls.
Try to forget the things you'll regret... It's too late.


Big Man

Big man slutting around the town
A packet of fun to share around.
Not a care who he'll bring down.

A golden tongue but nothing to say,
Night time fun and dead in the day;
Eyes around for another lay.

Watch out, for the man with the gun.
Watch out for he's no fun.
Big man - he's the one.

See big man and you'll go far,
Into his bed or the back of his car.
Next day he's forgotten who you are.

He's the plague.

In his eyes, you're his prize,
Just another score.
No love lost, count the cost,
A freebie, one-night whore.

Big man don't care what you think.
Weoponed-up he ply's the drink.
Self-respect on the blink.

No respect. No regret.
He's just having fun.
Looking for a body just to make him cum.

Big man hunter he's the dregs,
Sees you as a cunt on legs,
No pretence and no defence.
Out for sex - see who's next.

An opening in a face that sucks
Holes between two legs to fuck.

No one's safe. Sex is blind.
Fucked up body.
Fucked up mind.



Step out the Muslims, step out the Jews,
Step out the Hindus share your news
Lift up your heart to Buddha & god, lift up your voice to the saints above

Belief they say brings peace & unity so why is hate & terror all that I see?

Do you call him Mohammed? Call him the Christ?
Call him Jaweh in the highest?
Proud as a protestant, the good C of E
Proud as the catholic they want you to be

Make me a Mormon, give me a sect, take me to Jonestown
See what I get
Brainwashing & Lies are all there around
In Faith & Religion - Hate abounds.

No one is wrong, but none of them right - Abolish the fucking lot overnight

Don't hang onto faith. It's not hard to see...

Just live for your freedom & Be who you want to be!



Religious Intolerance Tracks




Men and Women, Kids and Babes, maimed and killed and screaming
The Islam Army self-destructs for the shit that they believe in
No respect for who we are, no belief in what we do
Something says that we're in danger, doing what gods told them to

This is your Islam, this is your god
 Murder in the first degree
Faith disposed to martyrdom
Total hate for you & me

Death on the Underground, fanatics make their sound
Death on the Underground, Religion all around

Twisted words of superstition make us into enemies
Hate and fear and Bloody Violence try to bring us to our knees
What's the point of killing those who're all destined for hell?
They'll never see the god you fear but obliterate them still
Is this the way you get to heaven making widows and orphans?
You'll never see your afterlife, of that I am certain

You die for your Stupid god, Religion's all the same
A god's a god in any faith, it's just a different name
They think they're right, they say I'm wrong
They murder and they maim
Ten thousand years of ignorance
A hellish bloody game

Death on the Underground, You'll never turn us around
Death on the Underground, We're gonna stand our ground


Natasha's got a new life as a waitress in the West
Leave Behind her poverty, her family & the best
Natasha's new horizon, Natasha's Promised Land
You won't see Natasha coming, Natasha's contraband

Natasha trapped i poverty, Trapped inside a crate
Trapped in prostitution, Trapped inside her fate

Natasha's a commodity, An import to be used
Ignore the life inside her she's there to be abused
Natasha's found her destiny in thirty men a day
15 minute love affairs in any deviant way

Getting through the hours with needles and their pills
Illegal and imprisoned, an object with no will
She's masturbation fodder in pictures on the net
Beat off to the nympho dolly - A beating's all she'll get

An unknown body surfaces, another inanimate
A vacant dead Natasha who's past her sell-by date
Governments and gods ignore those who live in pain
Whilst violent exploitation makes financial gain
Scores of new Natasha's coming every week
Hurt and drugs and sex abuse in place of what they seek.

Natasha... Stay at Home!




Christ the Phoenix in your life - You're reborn to a pack of lies
He'll take you up - your faith unfolds
Believe the crap you've been told

Follow the priest up to the alter - Follow the sheep led to the slaughter

Miracle man in a wizard's hat
He's the son of god - what do you think of that?
He's salvation - leads the way - follow blindly everyday

Screwed your life up - took your choice
Sightless and deaf how - dead with no voice
Religion engulfed you - what did you do?
Whatever happened to the one I once knew?

You followed the priest up to the alter
Followed the sheep that were led to the slaughter




Tying you down in your Black Leather Gear
Making you feel so Secure
Feeling the Tawse and the Whip that you fear
So unbelievably Pure

Come with me - Ecstasy

Unzip your front to reveal what's inside
Giving it up for the hour
Eyes that say 'Take me along for the Ride'
Use me 'cos you've got the power

Taking your body as hard as your mind
Playing with Sexual pain
What little Fantasies are there to find
resulting in Mutual Gain?

Awaiting the flesh, let your Love now begin
Spread-eagled over the bed
The crack of the strap as it covers your skin
Turning a bright shade of Red

Down on the Floor you will do as I please
Heaven has come to my door
Wrapped in Perversion and down on your knees
Sweet, you're my own little Whore
Fantasy - Reality - Ecstasy


You know who I am - You know what I've done
It's taken it's time - Now it won't last long

This is my 15 minutes - This is my reason to be
I am your flag of hatred - There's no one who doesn't know me

A merciful killing - A crime based on love
No one understands it - Except the good Lord above

I did what I had to - I did it so well
Gave death to the wicked - Now they're going to hell

Driven by God's vengeance - I took so long to find
Protected and blessed - his will in my mind

There's a man talking bullshit - In the guise of a prayer
Hates me as much as you - He's got no reason to care

Now it's time for my darkness - There's still no remorse
A bloody cycle of violence - Has gone its full course

Mary Mary

Lightening turns the Westward way
Black of night is cold as day
A broken doll where Mary lay

Torture so clear and the dreams she can hear
Demons can take her today

A final state a morbid shell
A twisted Angel drawn from hell
A remnant Mary knows so well

Happiness is turgid love
Disfigured cherubs from above
Clipped wings of the sacred dove

Cruising on fear makes her mind disappear
Learning the wrong way to pray

Crushed upon a rose so blue
All the love that Mary knew
Poisoned lies she knows are true

Love in disgust, by her own hand she is trussed
One more disease of the mind

Mary in her foetal state
Belies the savage grasp of fate
Heartbeat cease to end the wait

lives out her life on the edge of a knife
A razorblade takes it away

Now she's covered in a shroud
Northern wind the only sound
By violent steel she was bound

Mary, Mary, Come what may
The end of a perfect day
Mary going all the way


Emma Remembers

In the basement where she hides her empty mind
Dense and cold the snowfall lies around
Emma Turns and smiles to face the fireside
As flowers wilt and wait in turn to die

Emma Remembers

Taking time to memorize the book of Job
Winter sun dissolves and turns to grey
No one brings her chocolates on a Sunday
Red Lace disintegrating n her robe

Remembrance is chained to marble statues
Dust is settling quietly in the hall
A fall of ice disturbs the subtle silence
And muffles out a dead remembered call

Feelings lost in agoraphobic prison
Frozen eyes, Emma rocks the bed
She hears the tears of children as she listens
Childlike cries are screaming in her head

Out of Bedlam walls reflect the solitude
Togetherness dissolved into the night
A flame of passion lit her final destiny
And brought the joy of madness into light

A part that died is etched upon her psyche
Repeated every day inside her tomb
The unseen child still rocking in the cradle
A father's last caress deserts the room.


Suicide Visionary


Hanging on in like a flag of deceit
Flying for the death of millions
They've still the morbid fear of sin & guilt
And mouths spewing false opinions

Two Thousand... Years
Two Thousand... Suicide Visionary

Not for me the pride of Martyrdom
No prayer to take me down
Live our life by some obscure rule
Oppressed by your shepherd, idiotic fools

Wearing a cross with an outstretched embrace
The start of the human illusion disgrace
First in the line for volunteers, me
To nail your ego back onto your tree

Emily's Tears

Emily picks her child up from it's bed
Nursing the aborted god she holds it's head

Gives her mind and her body as she fucks with the crucifix
Swaps Christ, for a night with one of her sex spastics
With her aborted body of physical lust she knows she the chosen one
Fucking the righteous cross make Emily come

Eating the Shit the Bible calls truth
Disarranged mind of a fucked up youth

Writhing in her vomit with the crucifix up to the hilt
The icon of Christ now covered with the blood she spilt
Face fixed in orgasmic frenzy, unknown in her fifteen years
A fuck splattered spirit the result of Emily's tears

Pain, like a razor drawn right over her gums
Her blood-filled cunt on fire as Emily comes
Christ on his cross engulfed, and ridden by a grip so firm
Emily feels the rush of her saviour's sperm

Bulging eyes - distended tongue
Madonna's dead - Christ her tampon

Christ the spastic, Christ unclean
Becomes a fucking wank machine
Christ will fuck you in your dream
Do anything you think obscene

Emily's dead - Christ is dead
Emily's dead - Madonna's dead
Emily's dead - God is dead
Emily's dead...



Cut the crap, The Lovey-Dove,
Happy days, god above,
Shout out what we despise.
Killing lies, Open eyes

Riot! Riot!

Government crap, EU laws,
Dead End jobs, Heroin scores,
Destitution on the streets,
Prostitution to make ends meet

Concrete jungle, Tenement flats,
Homelessness, Council tax,
School, Army, Church, Organisation,
Deprivation, The state of the Nation

Riot! Riot!

Natasha's ride to the Western Side,
Another child bride meets suicide,
Seeking life in the Land of the Free,
Another for the porn industry.

Nuclear Power, Nuclear war,
Dictatorship, Ignore the poor,
Famine, drought, poverty,
Guns for food, Hypocrisy

Riot! Riot!

There's demonstrations on the streets,
But procrastination on government seats,
Destruction coming all too near,
While those in power don't wanna hear.

Destroy the Earth, pollute the sea,
Bigger profits for industry,
Global warming, Acid rain,
Greenhouse gas, The world in pain.

Don't just lie there, make a stand
Against the ones who rape our land.
Riot! Riot! On your feet!
Riot! Riot! Take the streets!

Riot! Riot! Don't just stand there! Riot!















The favourite track on the circuit last year...



The Infamous, "RIOT!"



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How free is free speech in the land of the free?
As free as you want it... Just don't disagree
You can write what you want and say what you will
But if we don't like it, you'll be up for the kill

An insult to a prophet
means death & bloody vengeance.
A free and legal point of view results
in a death sentence.

Pro or anti the BNP,
Red communist or Blue Tory
You've got a voice - say what you think
But don't suppress me if I think your views stink.

Burning down our embassies
Killing those who disagree
Unless your view's the same as me then I'll become
Your Enemy.

(Your God's Shit)
Repressed by religion - It's nothing new
(You're Gods Shit)
Say what I feel - Not afraid of you.

Waste your life by your belief
but don't tell me what to do
Blindly follow superstition, Christian, Muslim, Jew
Insult my intelligence and take away free thought
Your bombs supply my thinking
But my mind can't be bought




Proud to be an infidel
In their eyes I'll burn in hell
A glorious way to prove your worth
Is wipe my face off from the earth

This is the love of your jealous god
These are the actions of an ignorant sod

Jesus and Mohammed in mutual aggression
Take your pick for your passport to heaven

Blow up your statues, destroy your towers
You're the devil incarnate, the only god is ours
Cover your woman, she's your slave
Beat your daughter so she'll behave

Screwing up the world for me
With supernatural philosophy

And if you say you don't believe
Violent faith will make you bleed
It's a napalm game & you're all the same
Religious divide is driving me insane

A pro-life president rushes to hand out
a Vegetative state for his promised land
"America for Jesus" hear them cry
A holy war gives a reason to die.

Heroes in Red, Lie there dead
Defenders in Beige Avenge their rage

Guns for Islam, Bombs for Christ
Gas for the Jews, religious heist
A prophet or gods only son
Your sick excuse to use the gun

No one comes to the father except by me
so I must be barking up the wrong bastard tree
I'll never see your heaven, cos I'll never enlist
You die for your god who doesn't exist.

Reject your truth
Reject your lies
Your blood laden faith is what I despise

Rape Of Madonna


Like Alice on Methadone On borrowed Time
Razor Wire thoughts From her mind's deep grime

A lead filled cigarette Another five long years
A broken hypodermic And amphetamine tears

I'm the Rape of Madonna, The buggery of Christ
A blind Abomination &  The plague of all Vice

From the heights of Olympus To the acid bell
Alice's demon guardian Leads her into her own hell

Belladonna Roses Beautiful thorns
A Fucked Madonna With Bloody Horns

A bubo of the Soul HIV of the brain
A substitute Religion Is the endless pain

Turning her virginity Into whore-like prose
Mindless sick dementia From a Prostrate pose


Electoral Dope, Political Speed
Governments bite the hands that feed
Red and Orange and Green and Blue
Vying to get your cross from you
Heads of business greasing palms
Planning Permission, Oil for Arms
profits first then greenhouse gases
Pathetic Policies please the masses

This is Britain, What we've become 
No excuse for what we've done

Cheap and Crass Reality
Coming out of my TV
Dumb it down like the Daily Star
ID Cards so we know who we are 
Paranoia hand in hand
With a crap excuse for a terrorist stand
Housing Estates on Greenbelt land
Government with it's head in the sand

This is Britain what we've become

Trying to pretend we're still Number One

Listen to the Retards, Listen to the Queers
You put down for all these Years
Listen to the Niggers, Listen to the Punks
Listen to your Conscience just for fucking once

Kids with Kids, Kids on the Pill
Kids on Dope & Kids who Kill
OAPs they want kids too
So medical morons make it true
Throwaway love, disposable sex
Removable thought, deletable text
Marriage to Violence, Physical Hate
The Pitiful cries of a fucked up state.

This is Britain, What we've become 
No excuse for what we've done.

(Saturday Night) Invite

Picture the starlight brightening up your eyes
Combing the moonbeams from your golden hair
A Total eclipse will take you from your heaven
A Picture of lust then turns the rainbow black

It's a Saturday night Invite

Strawberry lips and teeth of Colgate whiteness
Low cut breast line - curves of marble skin
Out of the world on coke with rum and candy
An invisible nod to strength and hormones

Head to the bass - feet to the open floor
Move in a trance - your brain's gone out for more
Giving a signal of horizontal action
Love coming in with a stainless steel caress

This ain't how it is in all my comics
This is lust with a one way sign ahead
Seeking reaction with sexual orientation
This nightmare love is screwing up your head

Guardian Demon

Protected by a Guardian Demon, Taste of my death in the air
Riding the Vortex of Darkness and spiralling down to despair

Born into a cursed land my Guardian Demon has my hand

Cover me with beautiful hatred, Suffocate me with your grief
Take love & beauty from my life, take joy and all belief
I'm a beast in the guise of a human, Mind guttering down to obscene
A wretched reality of vengeance and lust
A blood spangled nightmare dream

My demon leads me with his lies below a dark and death red sky
With evil walking by my side my soul prepared to die.






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Other Tracks




The final floor, the final curtain
The explanation so uncertain
Splintered acts of religious fervour
Taking my imagination further

You gave me what you wanted to
and stole the rest away
Left with broken razor blades
And lies for me to play

Anti-disciple Reality Fiend
Mass overdose of negative need

Reality Dream...

Hammer drill straight through my heart
Barbed wire toys that come apart
All so different at the start
Live your death today

Search no more for angel eyes
Stab them out and say goodbye
to those who want to conquer what
They see as something you ain't got

You'll find your up against it when
They steal your weakness twist it, then
Your puppet will have lost its strings
your love of all the normal things
Is nailed upon the cross of hate
Before you know it, it's too late.



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