Page from "Lost In Music" by Giles Smith & pic of Abomination Angel (aka Pete Sellors)

Sweeping aside the laid back egotistical intellectualism of the progressives and the doped up ineptitude of the aging hippies, the Sex Pistols and their kind hit the UK with a vengeance.

Punk was something that the world had been waiting for and now, in 1977, it had arrived.Safety Pin

Abomination Angel Sat Up...


...and took notice

Rotten - Who Else? PinFaceHere was something the young Abomination Angel could relate to and understand. This was not just about "looking the part" (although that was no bad thing considering what the "part" had looked like before!) - this was an attitude, a feeling &emotion - a purpose within music.


Buzzcocks - What do I get?The boundaries of free speech had been pushed back as had the boundaries of music itself! If it sounded good, and you  could repeat it - play it! 

Slaughter & the DogsAnd so the Sex Pistols, Damned, Stranglers, Adverts, Slaughter & the dogs, Buzzcocks & X-Ray Spex, along with dozens of others, all made their mark on the impressionable teenager.
Sham 69 Abrasive WheelsSoon, the Mohawk had been replaced with the shaven head as Sham 69, The Angelic Upstarts and Oi! developed from it's beginnings. Then, just as the cry of "Punk is Dead!" began emanating from people's lips, the second wave arrived, heralding the likes of Killing Joke, The Abrasive Wheels and Discharge.
All these groups & many more - Large, small, Punk, Oi!, good, not so good or downright bloody awful - they all had a place in the make up and influence of Abomination Angel.    Bren, Pete, Neil & Gilly - Leeds 1980

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